Bottling Purity

Pristine glacial water collected & bottled at the source

The state of the art Bottling facility is located in the heart of the Patagonian region, which is dominated by pristine rain forests and wild landscapes.

In this pristine and untouched area, the snow melts, waterfalls and rivers have been flowing naturally for millennia on their journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Ice Swan is harvested before the water can complete its journey to the ocean. Bottled at source, the water is collected naturally and flows by gravity to a State-of-the Art bottling facility, thus avoiding any alteration of its delicate characteristics.

Pristine & untouched glacial water is collected.

Ice Swan Bottling Facility

Ice Swan State-of-the-Art Bottling Facility.

The four sides of the building that houses the careful production process inside the Ice Swan facility, is made of tempered glass with black screen printing. Its 6-meter high wall was prefabricated and assembled at site without welding for its subsequent reuse.

The end result is a balanced and vanguardist building that is environmentally friendly.

When only the best will do

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