Water Purity

The delicate taste of absolute purity

Ice Swan is bottled water of glacial origin which is sourced from the natural flow of the Queulat Fjord in the Chilean Patagonia, situated within the largest extension of Temperate Coastal Rain Forests of the Southern Hemisphere.

The water that is harvested by Ice Swan has been dated as far back as 40.000 years old, and given the geography of the location, where no city or industry are within a 200 kilometre radius from the bottling facility.

These pristine waters flow naturally towards the ocean through the paths under which the ice fields, eternal snows and glaciers were formed thousands of years ago.

Pure Still Water
Gold Medal Winner 2016 Taste Awards - Fine Water Society

Ice Swan was awarded a Gold Medal within the Still Super Low Minerality category by the Fine Water Society.

Water Composition Details

Country Chile
Region Queulat Fjord, Patagonia
Viginality * * * * *
TDS 25mg/l (Super Low Minerality)
Hardness 15.6 mg/l (soft)
pH 7.3 (Neutral)
Calcium 5.2mg/l
Magnesium 0.65 mg/l
Sodium 2mg/l
Nitrate <0.2 mg/l (Superior Virginality)

Water Memory

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, a world reknowned researcher, water has memory and is sensitive to sound.

To preserve Ice Swan’s original essecnce, the harvesting and botteling is procesed with classical music and the natural sounds of Patagonia’s habitat.

When tested at the Masaru Emoto institiute in Japan, water samples of Ice Swan produced wonderful hexagonal crystals that reveals the waters excepetional quality, purity and perfection.